Zaccaria Faraci


“I dreamed it in the night,
I painted it in the morning”

The Artist

He is a figurative landscape-painter who, after a variety of juvenile experiences, started to paint professionally in 1974, achieving remarkable results in a short time. Faraci feels the spirit of art and its clear taste as a pantheistically immediate wish, as identification in the landscape, that he faces with typical impetuousity and energy. 

The Paintings

Pervaded with the wish of expressig better and better what nature inexhaustibly bring him, he found an unacademic formula to develop his searches and his ideal fervour. So, a country rich of trees, a cottage, a little country road, a lonely gate, a basket of apples, or a bunch of flowers become fellows of is life and the soft and downy colours surprisingly take him in an effusive and human poetry.