The Artist

Zaccaria Faraci

Zaccaria Faraci was born in Camastra, Agrigento district, in June, 1939. Now he lives in Rome. He is a figurative landscape-painter who, after a variety of juvenile experiences, started to paint professionally in 1974, achieving remarkable results in a short time. Faraci feels the spirit of art and its clear taste as a pantheistically immediate wish, as identification in the landscape, that he faces with typical impetuousity and energy. As autodidact, he has therefore the consciousness to have been trained by himself through study and experience, and tohave acquired a pregnant vital energy, so that to impose sentimentally human qualities to his paintings.

The Art

Pervaded with the wish of expressig better and better what nature inexhaustibly bring him, he found an unacademic formula to develop his searches and his ideal fervour. So, a country rich of trees, a cottage, a little country road, a lonely gate, a basket of apples, or a bunch of flowers become fellows of is life and the soft and downy colours surprisingly take him in an effusive and human poetry. These are the gestures of a painter who draws this inspiration not only from the real representation, but that, on the contrary, plots and orchestrates the chromatic enchanted and charming scale, without ever denying the game of values and modulations.

Poet of spirit

Meditating and day-dreaming, his subjects become the mirror of his soul and without any effort we imagine him among signs-colours and we consider his perseverance in proceeding lonely in his pictorial tendency. Zaccaria Faraci could be defined a poet of spirit, ready to dominate nature and to establish human connections in the whirling passing of days and months. The model becomes no longer a simple construction on a special theme, but the possibility to create, in that exact moment, something new to preserve the freshness of eye and of the emotion.


Zaccaria Faraci has held personal exhibitions in Marino, Paris and several times in Rome.
He has participated in group shows and national exhibitions, obtaining prizes and awards, here are some of them:

Oderisi Da Gubbio

Winner – 1974

Numana Ars

Winner – 1975

Biennale Argis

Winner – 1977

Galleria L’Aventiniana Roma

Silver medal – 1980

Trofeo Victoria Ars

Globet – 1980

Trofeo della Vittoria

First Prize – 1980

Trofeo Saturnia Tallus

Gran Trofeo – 1980

Trofeo Era Spaziale

First Prize – 1981

La Tavolozza d’Oro

Second Prize – 1981

Gran Trofeo EDAR

Winner – 1981

Troveo Ars Italia

First Prize – 1982

Un quadro per l’estate 1982

First Prize – 1982

Premio Successo 1982

Silpa – 1982

Premio Augusto Giordano RAI tv

Winner – 1983

Art criticism

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